Is There Such Thing as FREE WEB HOSTING?

Is There Such Thing as FREE WEB HOSTINGOh, the internet. A vast ocean of web hosting platforms for those that wants to build their own blogs, manage their own products and share cat videos. It’s a wonderful place, especially with free hosting, you can host your blog for free right? You have your blog up, people are seeing it, but is it really free? Is there ever really going to be such a thing as free hosting? Are you ever going to be able to have total control over your website without someone looming over you? The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Restraining your content

Websites aren’t free, and neither is web hosting. No matter what you do or try you will always be restrained somehow with web hosting. One of the ways you’re restrained is simple to understand. Are you using their services to build your website right? You can only use their services. If you go to WordPress, for example, sure you can build a blog, but you can only use the services that they provide to you. You can’t add anything outside to it and that’s infuriating! How are you going to do what you love with that kind of restriction?

Free Advertisement, Courtesy of You

Another way you’re unintentionally paying for your free’ hosting is that sites like WordPress and many others put their name in your URL. Of you have a high profile blog with the tag’ at the end not only is it going to look unprofessional, but you’re unintentionally helping them promote their site as a whole. You are a promotional tool for them and it’s not only frightening but frustrating. You work hard on your site, and they take the credit with that little name tag at the end of the URL.


Another way you pay is with many sites, you get ads. If you aren’t a member’ and use their services you are bombarded with ads. Which bring the company revenue if you like it or not. These ads are sometimes quite vulgar and unprofessional. They could make your site look like a promiscuous website when all you want to do is write book reviews. This not only is frustrating, but it could detriment your business by driving away your client base.

FTP Access

File transfer Protocol’ may be restricted, meaning that you won’t be able to transfer any files to anyone else. This is commonly restricted on a wide variety of free’ hosting sites, and sometimes isn’t included in bought plans, but you can find certain plans with unlimited file sharing without to much trouble.


Using HTTPS allows you to make and create online stores. Without this you won’t be selling anything, putting another restriction on your free hosting services. If web hosting was really free why can’t you do everything you want to do with your website?

Free’ hosting is never really free. You’re always paying somehow, either through ads, with the company name at the end of your URL or in other ways. If you’re looking for a quality experience you’ll need to pay for a hosting site, most hosting sites are only a few dollars a month and are easy to manage and maneuver. Helping you to create your own website, with your own custom URL, and the ads you choose, if you choose to have ads. No more naked people running all over that literature based blog you have. Stop trying to find a truly free hosting site, they simply don’t exist and start trying to find a good hosting site. Having a great experience with a great host is much better than having a horrible experience with a free host. Most hosting sites are roughly 4 dollars a month, affordable and professional looking making this a great way to get yourself out there in a professional manner. Free hosting simply isn’t real, and it’s time to take your site to the next level.

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I will catch you real soon. :)

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Webhost for your Website

what to choose
Once you’ve built your website, you ought to choose a website hosting provider for your website. The internet hosting provider is really a company acting like data center, which allow webmaster private space in the internet. The choice of hosting is a critical step in the operation of presenting a website over the internet. And the choice is probably the most complicated parts. Specially, for with come across website hosting industry for the very first time, it may be a difficult task. A skilled webmaster may be experienced in website hosting; however, there still might be some bafflement while choosing a quality website hosting service. So to make sure anyone make the best choice, it is required to read this information and retain these using things in mind.

With numerous providers out there with every single promising limitless resources, 99% uptime as well as knowledgeable service, there’s got to become way to help cut throughout the jargon and come to a well informed decision. Here usually are 11 important facts to consider before choosing a web coordinator.

  1. Rates

Most individuals will understand this aspect primary. But it mustn’t be the figuring out factor and it is good to keep in mind that outdated maxim “we get cures pay pertaining to.” If you are going to be depending upon your site to create money after that don’t jump with the lowest offer you observe. Look closely with the features provided and compare prices.

  1. Specialties

Not just about all cheap webhosting service is right for all clients. Some present good discussed plans but not the solutions that would be needed pertaining to growing businesses. Others include great organization solutions although won’t match someone managing a small recipe blog. Look into areas involving specialty as well as expertise before buying a contract. Try to find reviews online to ascertain strengths as well as weaknesses involving hosts.

  1. Disadvantages

Know your needs for your internet site. If you plan on web host a web site, videos as well as an e-commerce website, a cheap host won’t have the RAM as well as processing electric power required. Pay attention to additional expenses for things like support as well as domains.

  1. Tech Service

What style of support would you like to want? Somebody to call? An email? Toll-free? Decide which customer service you’ll like.

  1. Add-Ons

Decide why is a hosting company special? Do they provide extra offers? Whether many people entice anyone with many data organizations or extra features similar to free domain privacy, these organizations usually offer getting some sort of extras.

  1. Equipment

Find out which machines your own web host company employs. If they don’t specify, request. Hardware could affect the performance of this site.

  1. Customer satisfaction

You may need to get a little bit creative to secure a real story here. Look up hosts by means of whichever sales channel possible to uncover what prior and current customers are saying. Find out how much time it takes for a ticket to become responded to typically and what plan of action is taken individuals a problem with a site.

  1. Electronic mail feature

You could possibly forget about asking for email guide! If you get you have a spam problem, it usually is because your own cheap web hosting service isn’t providing an acceptable solution. Inquire about such remedies.

  1. User-friendly Control Panels (Cpanel)

Nothing is actually more annoying than buying a product, only to learn you will need a PHD to use it. With information on hand, explore the particular interfaces as well as control cell screens with the hosting solutions. You need something that is easy on the eyes as well as self-explanatory. In fact, this would be the hub from which you will certainly modify and connect to your website features.

  1. Scalability

One final thought when trying to find cheap web hosting service is if the provider fits into your own plans to build. Will they suit your needs after some duration from now? Every web-based enterprise should have their eyesight on growth and they also should include Dedicated Server remedies or VPS. It uses a good bit of time to help transfer in one host to an alternative so it’s an endeavor that needs to be avoided if the company machines their remedies for development.

  1. Bandwidth: (data transfer) is actually measured inside gigabytes.

A gigabyte is actually one billion dollars bytes. Just about every letter is actually one byte. Images might take up a big amount involving kilobytes (thousands involving bytes), and data file downloads might be several megabytes (millions involving bytes) in size. You have to logically consider how very much bandwidth your website will require. Unless your website has a great deal of downloads, it will likely be unlikely that you need numerous gigabytes involving transfer: 10 gigabytes need to be very ample. Anymore, and you will just end up being paying added for something to use.

Final Note: On which note nevertheless, you need to be careful and be sure you always have some extra bandwidth: many web host providers charge $3.00 plus much more for each and every extra gigabyte involving bandwidth you employ. That can accumulate very easily.